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Nov. 22, 2022

Doc, Doo Wop and the Banjo Man

Doc, Doo Wop and the Banjo Man

Two Twits & Twain


And now. for the second episode of Two Twits and Twain, entitled “Doc, Doo-wop, and the Banjo Man.”

Mark Twain and a Banjo Man? What's that all about! The Twits have uncovered something very interesting! Listen and find out what’s up!

Episode # 2 – Doc, Doo-wop and the Banjo Man

Short intro music…

Clark:    Hello…and welcome to Episode # 2 of Two Twits & Twain, where against the assault of laughter, nothin can stand!!!.  I’m Clark…Twit # 2.  

Doc:    …and I’m Doc…and I suppose that makes me Twit # 1?!?!?

    For those of you listening to us for the first time, PLEASE PUT THIS EPISODE ON HOLD…and listen to Episode # 1 first.  Our initial dive into the Podcast world was quite unbelievable…something amazing occurred…as you will witness when you listen to it.  So please…do yourself a favor and come back to this after your initiation into the world of Mark, Clark & Doc.

Clark:    What’s on the “Doc-ket” for today…Doc?

Doc:    I’m sorry, you’ll just have to pardon him…and try to get used to that…whatever you call it…that worms its way out of Clark’s mouth from time to time…to time…to time…He just can’t help himself!  And…believe it or not…we all benefit.  Crap…did I just say that??

Clark: Doc, we’ve known each other for a long time…and I think that’s one of the nicest things you’ve ever said to me…but then you do always find a way to circle back to the finer things in life…

Doc:    Ouch!

Clark:    Today, we’re continuing along the path we set last week.  Guess you won’t know what that path is unless you’ve listened to last week’s program.  Episode #1. So do it if you haven’t!  You’ll love it!

    OK. That path has been set with the hope that Mark Twain will again join us.  Yes, that’s right. Mark Twain! He was here, or there I mean, in the flesh, sort of, in colorful Colorado, right in Doc’s studio! No Kidding! And no promises, but he said he’d love to be with us again on this episode.

D. That’s right – it’s just as Clark has said – Two Twits and Twain, we hope, today, right here – what a Tweet that would be!


C. And you think I’m the one with the groaners…!

Anyway, Doc, I do have something for us to do right now before we get into anything too seriously with Mark, if we are lucky enough to see him with us again. 

And that is: It’s Mail Bag time!   (Music – Stevie Wonder)

We received an email at twotwitsandtwain.com (that’s right, at twotwitsandtwain.com, that’s TWO Twits..where you, too, can contact us loveable Twits)… 

…It’s from Ruth and she has one of those very sensible questions – namely - “Why is one of the Twits called ‘Doc’…is he a doctor?” 

Shall I tell the story, Doc?

D. Yes, why not. Be nice!

C  As always!

C.  First of all, Doc, I know you are clever and handsome…. and that you are a man with a magnetic personality, but you a doctor? I just… 

D. Well, let me just interrupt, if I may.  There are a few reasons, Clark, that don’t have anything to do with those descriptions of me and my character, which, incidentally, are quite true if I may modestly point that out…anyway, you did forget to mention one very important of my many qualities that engendered this fetching moniker, and why the Doctor description is quite accurate... 

I AM the “Doctor of Doo-wop”!..., well, at least, according to Clark…

C.  Why, of course! You ARE that man! That’s what we named you in our doowop singing group, the Fabulous Fourmeldyhides! You sang barely-t